Divine teleporting monk.


In his super hero costume, Fei wears a skin tight, black, body suit.
The body suit covers from the bridge of his nose down, under his
eyes, to the back of his head just under the ear. (Like Kakashi from Naruto)
From there the suit covers the rest of his body including fingers and toes.
Over that he wares the traditional Shaolin robes in Blue and White. (See
Image to the upper right) He also wares a Black, White, and Blue porcelain
looking mask covering the rest of his exposed head the front extends down
to his chin.

Power Level: 10
PP Total: 150
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

Height – 5’9"
Weight – 165lbs
Hair – Shaved (Black)
Eye Color – Brown

Str: 18 +4
Dex: 20 +5
Con: 16 +3
Int: 10 +0
Wis: 14 +2
Cha: 10 +0

Toughness: 7/3
Fortitude: 8
Reflex: 13
Will: 6
Defense: 13
Init: 9

Melee: 16
Ranged: 00

Acrobatic Bluff
Blind Fight
Defensive Attacks
Defense Roll 4
Elusive Target
Improved Defenses
Improved Disarm
Improved Initiative
Instant Up
Power Attack
Stunning Attack
Take Down Attack x2

Skills: Rank: Total:
Acrobatics 11 16
Concentration 10 12
Escape Artist 10 15
Intimidate 10 10
Notice 8 10
sense motive 8 10
Stealth 11 16

Powers: Rank: Action: Range: Duration: Power perks/disadvantages:
Teleport 5 Move 500ft Instant Short Range
(113.6mph) Change Velocity
Change Direction
Turn About
Progression 3 (1,000 lbs)

Healing 5 Full Touch Instant Resurrect


Born some time in the 1940’s Fei Meng Shen was delivered to the secret northern Shaolin monastery in China by his father, the previous Harbinger. He never met his mother, she was presumed dead after child birth. His father never returned to the temple to retrieve Fei also presumed dead during operations in WWII. At the presumed age of 18 Fei seemed to stop aging and shortly after during his training with his teacher the Head Monk Kaitsu (Key-ot-so) discovered his ability to reflexively teleport. Many years later when Kaitsu was passing of old age he discovered his ability to heal and regenerate. Unfortunately Fei didn’t discover his ability to resurrect until it was to late to bring back Kaitsu. Many years after Kaitsu’s death rumors of strange happenings and super human beings found their way up the mountain side to the temple. Fei, the other monks, and the new Head Monk Zihao Liu decided it would be best for Fei to leave the monastery and seek out the meaning of these strange occurrences. They purchased airline tickets to America along with a Student Visa and sent him on his way. Before he left and in secret Head Monk Zihao gave a sealed letter to Fei entrusted to him by Kaitsu under the instruction to give it to Fei when he was to leave the monastery. The letter was addressed to Fei from his father Deshi Shen.

The letter read

“Fei, if you are reading this then my mission has failed, I never returned to you, and Kaitsu had deemed it appropriate to give you this letter. We are a line of divine responsibility, before the current age of man our family was given a great gift. Our gifts are rarely the same generation to generation but our responsibility never changes. Our line was charged with the protection of man kind from Omen. Omen is the plague of man, filled with the evils of the human heart, it can take any from and it’s silver tongue is only matched by it’s desire to resurrect it’s master Bù Xíng Le the God of Death. This must never happen! Listen to me son, I know I never got the opportunity to be your father… there is nothing more in this world I want more but the world is at war. I believe Omen has it’s hands deep in the Nazi command and I must stop it!

Kaitsu was my teacher and my closest friend I know he will raise you well. You can trust him with your life as I have with mine. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, and when my time comes and the gifts of Harbinger are passed down to you I know you will be more than capable of managing the responsibility. Know that our ancestors myself included will be watching and supporting you."

Fei’s plane landed in Los Angeles, California and he started up classes at UCLA. He quickly earned his citizenship and through his first two years earning his Associates degree in Social Sciences he dedicated his educational career in mythological research and philosophy. He made a small group of friends Tyrone Carpenter “Ty”, Leah Patel, Gabriel Jones “Gabe”, Leonardo Springs “Leo”, and Kristin Lombardi. He became romantically involved with Kristin who was one of his class mates at UCLA. He continually tries to find out more about the Harbinger line and find as much information about Omen as he can.


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