Absolute Power...

To rescue a demon

or an Atlantean depending on your point of view.

I did a poor job of keeping up on these notes.

From what I remember.

Raiden is trapped inside the demon realm, with a giant hoard of demons swarming all around. He attacked and they absorbed the energy and became more real looking. Raiden has to shutdown a Raiden Clan power trait due to this failure on his roll.

Whisper, Sera, Darya and Harbinger are trying to open the portals using the instructions they gleamed from Sera’s mind.

They were able to weaken the water gate to a D10. The rest are still at D12.

While working on the gates, some of the people got some news.

Darya got word that Atlantis has prepared for war much quicker than makes sense. They are posed to strike any moment.

Fei got word from Kevin that his systems have been compromised and have crashed. Whatever it was broken through his security systems like they were not there, so he is having to go offline to try and find out what is going on.

Watson has finally shown up. He was abducted with Whispers sister by Sound FX. He set Watson free to give a message to Whisper to come save his sister.

Whisper had decided to go to help Kevin first, then head to LA to take on Sound FX.


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