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  • Chiyo

    Chiyo was [[:sera | Sera's]] great grandmother and teacher. She was the most powerful fire mage in the village. That is, until Sera turned five. She was an [[elder]] of the village and taught Sera how to master fire and the [[ritual]] to open the portal …

  • Tavora

    Tavora is Sera's mother. She tried to prevent Sera from growing up to fast. She felt the responsibilities of the clan were to much for such a young girl to handle, and didn't want her daughter to be scarred by their life as she was.

  • Facire

    Facire was Sera's grandmother and one of her hunting teachers. She taught Sera how to track and fight demons with the powers taught to her by Chiyo. She also taught Sera the facts of life and about duty and sacrifice. She was very duty driven. You do what …

  • Jason

    Jason was born generations before Sera, back when both men and women had powers. His power was for his soul to pass into the closest being to him when he dies. He used this power to fight the demons that roamed the world of his time. He would kill the …

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