Absolute Power...


Doom pool

Raiden 7pp 10 XP
Daria 1 pp
charisma 8pp 4 XP
Harbinger 2pp 2XP
whisper 2pp 2XP
Sera 1pp 5 XP

Crying into our souls for fear of getting our asses kicked -Andrew
Split the party.
  • Fang receives an call on a military line with information that causes him to go investigate on his own.
  • Harbinger gains an Atlantean tracker devise D6 Resource and Tech info D8 Asset. Kevin tells him he’s been following up on the missing info in the NSA database. The info seems to be there again, but it looks altered. Kevin sent him to Southern Nevada.
  • Charisma & Sera decide to track down the demon. Charisma communicate with Sherlock to get his insight. Conner starts tracking the demon. Sherlock then tells her that there has been reports of something matching that description in Florida. Asset D10.
  • Whisper created a D10 asset Covert information and learned that there are a lot of plots going on against Atlanteans. Particularly a plot against one in West Virginia. Monitoring device D6 resource. He replays said info to everyone and is now enroute.
  • Raiden created a D12 Asset Brother Lojack. He is now heading towards the north west. He tells the males where he is going.
  • Sera asks Sherlock what Harbinger is up to. She finds out he is searching for Draven. After discussion with Harbinger, she decides to take the ship and go after the demon on the beach. Siesta Key beach on the shore of Gulf of Mexico in the Florida Keys. We find out that the creature was here and appeared to be dead. WHen someone grabbed the ting in it’s side, the person fell over dead and a portal opened and some things came out and took off. People came by and took everything and took off. The demons are nearby.
  • Whisper’s next scene is going to be taking on the people who are planning to abduct the Atlantean representative.
  • Raiden’s next scene is at the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington state.
  • The girls’ next scene is going to be when they find the little demons.
  • Harbinger’s next scene will be sneaking into a military base.

Session wrap up.

Player Plot Points XP
Josh 1 0
Dom 1 0
Andrew 1 2
Jess 10 4
Ken 2 0
Amanda 4 2

We can clean it with tequila later - Andrew
The search continues.
  • Whisper advises Raiden about Sera and Charisma’s situation. and asks him to go help them. He also advises Harbinger of the situation as well. Then he projects a mental image of Raiden to Sera and Charisma so they know he is an ally.
  • Raiden says he will go to aid the girls if in turn, Whisper and Harbinger continue to look for his brother. He teleports to Maine. After assessing the situation, Raiden successfully hits the demon with a lighting bolt, causing D12 stun compilation, which was partially absorbed, causing is speed to raise, and reducing the stun complication to D10.
  • Sera recognizes the effect that the lighting had on the stone in the demons side as something from the rituals from her past.
  • The demon fled. Raiden pursued it but lost track of it.
  • Raiden introduces himself to Charisma and Sera and asks if Sear is alright. Charisma let him know she can heal her. He advises them he is going to return to the search for his brother.
  • Fang has learned there is a group called the Patriots that are against Atlantean. Fang has heard rumors that the Patriots have taken Draven Tor Raiden hostage and have used his car to blow up a government building. Fang and Raiden telepathically decide to rendezvous where Whisper and Harbinger are.
  • Harbinger continues to search at top speed for the SUV’s. Given new info, he stops to wait for Fang and Raiden.
  • Fang finds out that the Patriots have a bigger plot afoot. A lot of them are heading east.
  • Charisma successfully heals Sera fully.

Session wrap up.

D6 D8 D10 D12
1 2 0 0
Player Plot Points XP
Josh 1 0
Dom 1 0
Andrew 1 2
Jess 8 4
Ken 3 0
Amanda 4 2
"It's a super hero thing. Shut up." - Josh
A new addition

Raiden came down via teleport into Mexico.

Harbinger teleports down by Raiden and tells him their mission.

Raiden tells them they are looking for his brother, and so is he.

Intel calls says it looks like black SUV’s started heading north, but the info has been deleted.

Harbinger starts looking: for SUV’s via teleport, heading back towards America.

Whisper is searching via telepathy but is not hearing anyone thinking Atlantean thoughts. He heard people taking credit for the attack.

The Demon is engaging Wildfire, Charisma, Conner and a hunter.

Wildfire constructs a fiery demon clone D10 asset.

Demon attack Wildfire and hits for D10 physical stress.

Charisma sent Conner to fly away with the hunter and is also trying to mentally communicate with the demon . The demon blocked her communication.

Plot point standings

Jess 7
Andrew 1
Josh 1
Ken 3
Amanda 4 D10 physical stress D10 Flaming Demon Clone Asset

Reviewing sessions thus far.
All from memory.

All the players heard the call of Sherlock. They traveled to Mount Wilson in Colorado to find him. Along the way, they all had some excitement.

Whisper helped a plane that had a out of sorts elemental on board that was causing problems.

Harbinger and Wildfire stopped a armored truck robbery by super powered mutant named Sound FX.

Charisma & Conner, as well as Fang and Keyra ran into a heated demonstration about Atlantis talks, and were fired upon by someone.

Fang and Keyra got some news about a problem with the Atlantian diplomat and skipped out on the meeting with Sherlock.

Everyone else met Sherlock the dragon.

Everyone heard the story of the war between the dragons and the Seraphs. The Seraph’s have learned how to feed on Dragon Magic and now the dragons need help to fight off the Seraphs.

Sherlock is very sick as he was infected with the magical virus that the dragons used to cleanse the planet. He has been cured by Watson, but he is very weak.

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