Giant demonic dragon.



  • Solo 8D10
  • Buddy D8
  • Team D6


  • Angry
  • I am a monster.

Demon Form

  • Demon breath D12
  • Demon claws D12
  • Demon Skin D12
  • Sorcery D8
  • Stamina D12
  • Strength D12
  • SFX: Area Effect
  • SFX: Dangerous
  • SFX: Immunity Demon magic
  • SFX: Invulnerable
  • SFX: Multipower
  • SFX: Second Wind
  • SFX: Unleashed
  • Limit: Demon form.

Body Jumper

  • Teleport D6
  • Transmutation D12
  • SFX: Afflict
  • SFX: Second Chance

Jason was born generations before Sera, back when both men and women had powers. His power was for his soul to pass into the closest being to him when he dies. He used this power to fight the demons that roamed the world of his time. He would kill the demon if his body was more powerful, or if he was weaker, he would die and jump into it’s body, growing stronger.

He eventually took over the body of a giant demonic dragon. With this body he was easily able to dispatch many demons. However, Sera’s clan found him, mistook him for a real demon, and sealed him away int he other realm with the rest of the demons.

While trying to escape the other realm, he accidentally dragged Sera into the demonic realm. He then helped her escape, however he himself is still stuck in that hell.


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