Absolute Power...

We can clean it with tequila later - Andrew

The search continues.

  • Whisper advises Raiden about Sera and Charisma’s situation. and asks him to go help them. He also advises Harbinger of the situation as well. Then he projects a mental image of Raiden to Sera and Charisma so they know he is an ally.
  • Raiden says he will go to aid the girls if in turn, Whisper and Harbinger continue to look for his brother. He teleports to Maine. After assessing the situation, Raiden successfully hits the demon with a lighting bolt, causing D12 stun compilation, which was partially absorbed, causing is speed to raise, and reducing the stun complication to D10.
  • Sera recognizes the effect that the lighting had on the stone in the demons side as something from the rituals from her past.
  • The demon fled. Raiden pursued it but lost track of it.
  • Raiden introduces himself to Charisma and Sera and asks if Sear is alright. Charisma let him know she can heal her. He advises them he is going to return to the search for his brother.
  • Fang has learned there is a group called the Patriots that are against Atlantean. Fang has heard rumors that the Patriots have taken Draven Tor Raiden hostage and have used his car to blow up a government building. Fang and Raiden telepathically decide to rendezvous where Whisper and Harbinger are.
  • Harbinger continues to search at top speed for the SUV’s. Given new info, he stops to wait for Fang and Raiden.
  • Fang finds out that the Patriots have a bigger plot afoot. A lot of them are heading east.
  • Charisma successfully heals Sera fully.

Session wrap up.

Player Plot Points XP
Josh 1 0
Dom 1 0
Andrew 1 2
Jess 8 4
Ken 3 0
Amanda 4 2


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