Absolute Power...

Reviewing sessions thus far.

All from memory.

All the players heard the call of Sherlock. They traveled to Mount Wilson in Colorado to find him. Along the way, they all had some excitement.

Whisper helped a plane that had a out of sorts elemental on board that was causing problems.

Harbinger and Wildfire stopped a armored truck robbery by super powered mutant named Sound FX.

Charisma & Conner, as well as Fang and Keyra ran into a heated demonstration about Atlantis talks, and were fired upon by someone.

Fang and Keyra got some news about a problem with the Atlantian diplomat and skipped out on the meeting with Sherlock.

Everyone else met Sherlock the dragon.

Everyone heard the story of the war between the dragons and the Seraphs. The Seraph’s have learned how to feed on Dragon Magic and now the dragons need help to fight off the Seraphs.

Sherlock is very sick as he was infected with the magical virus that the dragons used to cleanse the planet. He has been cured by Watson, but he is very weak.


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