Absolute Power...

Narrative night

We ended up having a narrative night. We moved the story to where everyone was gathered together to start working together to move the overall story forward instead of being scattered to the winds.

Kevin contacted Fei and warned him of the impeding war with Atlantis, and that nobody has responded from Area 51. He teleported back to the states, and went to Area 51. He found a bloodbath. Mysitify was dead. Bunshin was dead over and over and over. Mycroft was nowhere to be found. Fei found the video of what happened, and found that Charisma and Conner and some other woman were invited in, and Charisma just began attacking. Conner jumped in, then chased down Mycroft who sped away.

Fei went to Sherlock and got his opinion on what to do. Along with Whisper, they agreed that she seemed to be being controled somehow, and it was best to show her that she was being controlled and find out what she wanted to do.

Charisma decided that she wanted to be left alone and that if any of them followed her, she would put a force field inside them and expand it.

Whisper made it back to Mount WIlson and is determining what he will do if the Atlanteans actually attack. He also helped find Mycroft who is now back at Mount WIlson being tended to.

Sera is very anxious and really wants to get Raiden out of the other world and asking everyone for help.

Darya showed up from Atlantis. Sherlock welcomes her late arrival and informs everyone that he called for her along with everyone else, but she refused as she felt the on goings of Atlantis were more important that the possibility of an alien invasion. The impending war that Atlantis is going to be starting has forced her to come for help and she needs Raiden.

Now, everyone is resolved to get Raiden out of the other world. The problem is, nobody knows how to open a portal except for Sera. Let the training begin!

Raiden is in the other world, on the inside of the portal. We will see what he is up to next session.


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