Absolute Power...

"It's a super hero thing. Shut up." - Josh

A new addition

Raiden came down via teleport into Mexico.

Harbinger teleports down by Raiden and tells him their mission.

Raiden tells them they are looking for his brother, and so is he.

Intel calls says it looks like black SUV’s started heading north, but the info has been deleted.

Harbinger starts looking: for SUV’s via teleport, heading back towards America.

Whisper is searching via telepathy but is not hearing anyone thinking Atlantean thoughts. He heard people taking credit for the attack.

The Demon is engaging Wildfire, Charisma, Conner and a hunter.

Wildfire constructs a fiery demon clone D10 asset.

Demon attack Wildfire and hits for D10 physical stress.

Charisma sent Conner to fly away with the hunter and is also trying to mentally communicate with the demon . The demon blocked her communication.

Plot point standings

Jess 7
Andrew 1
Josh 1
Ken 3
Amanda 4 D10 physical stress D10 Flaming Demon Clone Asset


kirezemog kirezemog

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