Absolute Power...

Crying into our souls for fear of getting our asses kicked -Andrew

Split the party.

  • Fang receives an call on a military line with information that causes him to go investigate on his own.
  • Harbinger gains an Atlantean tracker devise D6 Resource and Tech info D8 Asset. Kevin tells him he’s been following up on the missing info in the NSA database. The info seems to be there again, but it looks altered. Kevin sent him to Southern Nevada.
  • Charisma & Sera decide to track down the demon. Charisma communicate with Sherlock to get his insight. Conner starts tracking the demon. Sherlock then tells her that there has been reports of something matching that description in Florida. Asset D10.
  • Whisper created a D10 asset Covert information and learned that there are a lot of plots going on against Atlanteans. Particularly a plot against one in West Virginia. Monitoring device D6 resource. He replays said info to everyone and is now enroute.
  • Raiden created a D12 Asset Brother Lojack. He is now heading towards the north west. He tells the males where he is going.
  • Sera asks Sherlock what Harbinger is up to. She finds out he is searching for Draven. After discussion with Harbinger, she decides to take the ship and go after the demon on the beach. Siesta Key beach on the shore of Gulf of Mexico in the Florida Keys. We find out that the creature was here and appeared to be dead. WHen someone grabbed the ting in it’s side, the person fell over dead and a portal opened and some things came out and took off. People came by and took everything and took off. The demons are nearby.
  • Whisper’s next scene is going to be taking on the people who are planning to abduct the Atlantean representative.
  • Raiden’s next scene is at the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington state.
  • The girls’ next scene is going to be when they find the little demons.
  • Harbinger’s next scene will be sneaking into a military base.

Session wrap up.

Player Plot Points XP
Josh 1 0
Dom 1 0
Andrew 1 2
Jess 10 4
Ken 2 0
Amanda 4 2


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D6 D8 D10 D12
1 2 0 0